Corporate Philosophy

Founded in 1990, Yow Chern Co., Ltd.’s focus has always been manufacturing all types of high-quality fasteners such as for construction, furniture, wood working etc. After gaining solid footholds in these markets, Yow Chern began to expand its manufacturing capabilities to become a qualified supplier for automotive fastener......

Yow Chern Co., Ltd.

Company History

  • Established in 1991

  • Accepted orders from overseas customers in 1994

  • Awarded by ISO-9002 in 1998

  • Received Taiwan Patent 86207346 for Aster Screw in 1999

  • Received German DPUM Nr. 200_141_47.3 for Aster Screw in 2000

Organization & Global Service​

  • Germany

  • U.K

  • France

  • Sweden 

  • Spain

  • U.S.A

  • Canada 

  • South America

Factory Environment

To meet the demand of high-quality automotive fasteners as well as customized products, Yow Chern’s production facilities are parts forming machines and import a human-machine integrated forging equipment with automatically change mold to target production with precision and efficiency.

Factory Environment

Factory Environment

Factory Environment

Factory Environment

Factory Environment

Factory Environment


No.74-15,chung-lu Village, Alian District, Kaohsiung City Taiwan

TEL:886-7-6311538(8 lines)

FAX:886-7-6310510 / 6315940