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Corporate Philosophy

Founded in 1990, Yow Chern Co., Ltd.’s focus has always been manufacturing all types of high-quality fasteners such as for construction, furniture, wood working etc. After gaining solid footholds in these markets, Yow Chern began to expand its manufacturing capabilities to become a qualified supplier for automotive fastener......

Yow Chern Co., Ltd.

Company History

  • Established in 1990

  • Accepted orders from overseas customers in 1994

  • Awarded by ISO-9002 in 1998

  • Received Taiwan Patent 86207346 for Aster Screw in 1999

  • Received German DPUM Nr. 200_141_47.3 for Aster Screw in 2000

Organization & Global Service​

  • Germany

  • U.K

  • France

  • Sweden 

  • Spain

  • U.S.A

  • Canada 

  • South America

Factory Environment

To meet the demand of high-quality automotive fasteners as well as customized products, Yow Chern’s production facilities are parts forming machines and import a human-machine integrated forging equipment with automatically change mold to target production with precision and efficiency.

Factory Environment

Factory Environment

Factory Environment

Factory Environment

Factory Environment

Factory Environment


NO.15, Ln 385, Xuanyou St., A-lian Dist., Kaohsiung City Taiwan

TEL:886-7-6311538(8 lines)

FAX:886-7-6310510 / 6315940

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