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Wedge Anchor​

Wedge Anchor​


  1. Produce special sleeve track. Surface is smooth and splendid by cold forging in order to make sleeve fully expanded.

  2. Three ribs are able to grip sleeve tightly so the bolt will not spin in order to achieve 100% expansion.

  3. Special points are helpful to grip concrete and have the minimum resistance while anchor is inserted into hole.

  4. Due to high technology by cold forging, bolt and sleeve completely match. While anchor is drove into hole, sleeve will not become deformed.

  5. For dog point with big chamfer, it’s unlikely to change shape and nut is dropped out easily while hammering.


Patent No.

  • US 6,524,046 B2

  • EP 1 243 801 B1

  • TW 226606

Wedge Anchor​


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